Otters Nordic Ski

First, my sincere apologies for neglecting a couple items. Ski season finished, the next season started, team pictures were extremely delayed, and for the sake of sanity I simply chose to neglect a few items. Please forgive me.

Team & Individual Photos: I think Mr. Welde had some of your emails and sent to folks a while ago.

Important Summer Dates:

  • June 6. Summer training begins. Workouts will be posted in our Google Classroom. Haven't joined yet? Click here:

  • Captain's practices will be Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 6 pm throughout the summer. Tuesdays are dedicated to rollerskiing. No rollerskis? No problem. Show up to run or bring some rollerblades. Also, I do have some rollerskis left to rent out. Connect if you need some. Thursdays are dedicated to biking. For both days, meet at the Highway 210 bike access parking lot.

  • Mark your calendars: June 23 - 25, 2nd Annual Summer Camp. Details are on the Summer Camp page. Camp will be $40 for Otter athletes and $60 for nonOtter athletes. We'd strongly encourage Otter athletes to invite athletes from other teams to join us.

  • Mark your calendars: August 7 - 9, 3rd Annual Captain's Campout @ Glendalough S.P. *Note: this date is different from the date sent out on the memo paper.