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See our NEW Summer Training Page for a training program and captain's practices. Training officially started on June 19.

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Individual  Photos: I believe many of you figured this out, but  Mr. Welde sent out an email a while back to order individual pictures. If you missed the email or it got spammed, you can use this link to order:

Team Posters: I still have plenty of team posters in my room if you didn't get one or you'd like another. 

Now this is a mass start! Mora Sweden Vasaloppet w/ 16,000 athletes starting all at once.

Roller Ski, circa 1940s.

Variety of old grip wax products including tins of pine tar and recognizable brands such as Rode and some Sean Special! ;)

Need Grip? Wall of kick wax at the Swix Flagship store just outside Oslo.

More wax!

A few of your classmates "mom" skiing a 9K race. Skiing through downtown Mora to the finish. 

I see you. When you sleep.

The original bell-tower that inspired the Mora, MN belltower.

Otter Nordic Ski Athlete Profiles (If your kiddo is not in the slides, have him/her click here to finish.